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Discover Looping: Your all-in-one calendar solution for families, partners & friends. Looping helps you build meaningful connections with those that matter most - anytime, anywhere. Follow these simple steps in our tutorial section below to help get you started. With Looping’s calendar feature, you can easily create events and streamline your daily, weekly and monthly activities. Customise your Looping calendar now by following these simple steps.

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Looping without Interruptions: Introducing Ad-Free


Follow these simple steps & maximise your Looping experience without interruptions! For only 0.99 cents/month, you can now “Purchase Ad-Free.”

How to Purchase Ad-Free:
Tap on the Hamburger Menu, followed by selecting “Go ad-free now.” Once completed, tap the “Buy” button in the corresponding page. A pop-up will appear from the bottom, starting the purchasing process. Tap “1-Tap Buy.” Keep in mind that if your credit card information is not entered or you are not logged in, you will be asked to submit your credit card/login information. Once “payment successful” appears, your purchase is complete and you’ve successfully activated Ad-Free.


Manage Your Subscriptions


Manage Your Subscriptions:
Tap on the Hamburger Menu, followed by selecting “Go ad-free now.” Once completed, tap the “Manage subscriptions” button, after which you will be re-directed to the Play Store page (specifically Looping’s app page). Here, you tap “Manage subscriptions,” followed by “Looping.” Please note that you may update your information and cancel your subscription, anytime.


 Create Groups


Invite family members, your partner, colleagues from work, classmates from university, or fitness buddies into your group and get started with groups. You can join a group, leave a group or edit/remove group members anytime. Looping also lets you create events within your groups and seamlessly move group events to other groups.


 Add & View Group Members


All group members can add new members to the group. Once a member has created an appointment in this group, this appointment automatically appears in the Looping calendar of all other members. All members can edit the respective appointment and add notes. When new events are created or current events are edited, all members get informed via a push-notification. If you’re looking to edit or leave your group, you can follow these steps:


 Create Events


Select between normal, recurring, multi-day, and/or all-day events. All events can be easily edited or deleted, and reminders can be set so you never miss out on an important event again!


Create Group Events


Looking to create a new events for your groups, perhaps an event that is recurring? We’ve put together a simple overview to keep you on track! We’ve also got reminders that you can enable. Easily edit your events in the app by following these steps:

Step 1: Select “calendar” in the upper panel & click on the date, where you can start editing your events. Simply click on the edit symbol and change the parameters.

Step 2: Assign your events to different groups or make it a private event. To save your changes, click “save.” All your group members will be notified of the changes.


 Switch from Month to Week


Looping lets you easily switch between weekly, monthly or list overviews. Simply select the upper arrow to open the dropdown menu.


 Master your ‘To-Do’ with Lists


Our “lists'“ feature allows you to create, edit, delete, or attach customised lists to your events.


Step 1: Open the settings area and select “lists”

Step 2: Once you’ve created a task, tap “done.”

Step 3: You can now attach your customised lists to your events. Once attached to a group, the list automatically appears in the Looping app so all members within that group will receive immediate access to the list.

Note: Whenever you have a list linked to an event, you may access the list via event details or open the “list mode” in settings. Once you’ve completed a task, you can mark or delete it. To delete, simply press the task for a long time and tap on the trash icon that appears. If you wish to rename your list or wish to attach it to another event, simply tap the pencil icon.


 Explore our ‘Discover’ Feature


Access and customise your calendar with all the latest trends in sports, holidays, entertainment, television, fashion, music and culture. Add and share your discoveries with your network.


 Get Connected with Chat


Tap “Calendar” in the header tab and click on the month. Select the event you would like to add a message to. Click on “Message” in the events’ header tab Once you’re in the message area, you can add or read messages.


Calendar Import

You can now import your events from your local mobile calendar into your Looping calendar! Each import enables up to 200 appointments within the next 12 months to be transferred from your local calendar. Should you have more than 200 appointments, don’t worry! You simply need to re-run the “import” operation again to import your additional events. Note: Each local calendar event can only be imported once per user account.

We suggest running the “import” on a stable network connection, as this process may take up to 10 minutes - depending on how many events are being imported. Furthermore, you can optionally sign your imported events to selected groups, or add these as private events. If the selected group has members, all events will automatically appear in each member’s calendar.

All events can be linked with reminders set at 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 24 hours or 1 week before the event.

Events that are recurring over a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly period will retain its recurrence.

Step 1: Open the left menu and tap ‘import calendar’. Select the account you wish to import calendar events from. Tip: If you organised your events in separate calendars (i.e. birthdays, holidays etc.) and wish to keep this, we suggest you create separate groups representing each of these calendars before you begin with the “import” process.

Step 2: Select the group you wish to import your selected calendar events into. If you don’t select a group, keep in mind that your events will be imported to your calendar as private events.

Step 3: You may also assign these imported events individually to your respective groups, however this may be time-consuming for some. Whenever you add new events to your local mobile calendar you may follow the steps listed above.


Calendar Export


Looping’s Calendar Export feature lets you easily share the events of your groups in a read-only format to other calendar programs - an effective tool for group members who use other calendar clients in managing all of their events in the one place.

Please note: This link is a read-only link to your Looping calendar group events. This means you may only make edits within the Looping application. Furthermore, a calendar export may lead to a short delay in making your new Looping events visible within your alternative calendar client. This delay is set in your alternative calendar client and can only be adjusted there.

Go to “Groups” and select the group you would like to export events from
1.1. Select the group you would like to export.
1.2. Tap the top right navigation section “3 buttons”
1.3. Select “Export Calendar” and turn on “Request Link”
1.4. An ICS link that will be displayed on the page will be generated. An email with the link will be sent out shortly after.
1.5. Tap “Share this Calendar” to copy the link and share it with others.
1.6. Go to “Groups” and select the group you would like to export events from.
1.7. Tap “Options” on the top right navigation bar and click “Export Calendar”


 Calendar Export to Google


Open the email sent by Looping with the ICS link on your computer and copy it for later. Sign in to your account at Google.com. On the left-hand side of the calendar view, select the 3-dot menu next to “Add Calendar” and select “From URL.” Paste your Looping group calendar link and select ”Add Calendar.”


 Calendar Export to Apple


Mac Book
Open the email we sent with the ICS link on your computer & copy it for later. Select the “Calendar app and choose “File” followed by “New Calendar Subscription.” Paste your Looping group calendar link, and then choose “Subscribe.” Enter a name for the calendar in the “Name” field & select a color. If you have an iCloud account, choose whether you want the calendar to appear on that account. Choose “OK.

Open the email we sent with the ICS link on your computer & copy it. Alternatively, within the “Export Calendar page, select “Share this calendar” & “Copy to Clipboard.” Open your “Settings” in the app. Select “Mail,” “Contacts,” “Calendars” (or just “Calendar” on iOS 10 and above). Under “Accounts,” select “Add Account.” Choose “Other.” Under "Calendars,” select “Add Subscribed Calendar.” Paste your Looping group calendar link and select “Next.” Choose your desired settings, then tap “Next.”


 Calendar Export to Outlook


1.1. Open the email we sent with ICS link on your computer and copy it for later.
1.2. Sign in to your account at Outlook.com
1.3. Open the menu in the top left and choose “Calendar.”
1.4. In the sub-menu bar, select “Add Calendar.”
1.5. Choose “From internet.”
1.6. Paste your Looping group calendar link and choose ”Save.”


 Calendar Export to Samsung


Samsung Calendar
Note: Samsung Calendar does not directly support the import of calendars into the app itself. You must first import your Looping calendar into your Google Calendar, after which your Looping calendar will appear in the Samsung calendar under “Google.”

Google Calendar
1.1. Open the email we sent with the ICS link on your computer & copy it for later.
1.2. Sign in to your account at Google.com
1.3. On the left-hand side of the calendar view, select the 3-dot menu next to “Add Calendar” and select “From URL”
1.4. Paste your Looping group calendar link and select Add Calendar.

Final Steps: Samsung Calendar
2.1. Once imported into Google Calendar, open the Samsung Calendar app
2.2. Tap the button (3 dots) in the top-right corner
2.3. Go to “Manage Calendars”
2.4. Here you will see calendars linked to your account. Under “Google” look to see that your Looping account is there
2.5. Make sure the switch is turned on next to your Looping calendar. Your Looping calendar will now sync with your Samsung Calendar


 Access the Looping Widget


Step 1: Click on your home widget for several seconds until the widget option appears.

Step 2: Click on “widgets,” select the Looping app and choose the appropriate Looping widget that you wish to display on your home screen.

Step 3: Simply drop the selected Looping widget to your home widget. You should now be able to see all of your events at a glance - anytime, anywhere.

Note: You can modify your Looping widget size by stretching it via clicking on the widget & letting it go.


Contact Support


At Looping, your experience matters to us. Should you have any further questions or concerns please visit our FAQ section here or contact our support team. We look forward to hearing from you!