Here you find out, how to use Looping in order to create personal appointments and organise appointments together with multiple participants.


Group settings


Calendar View


Use Cases

Create Groups

  • Why are Looping groups so practical?
  • How can I create a group?

Looping groups allow you to organise appointments together with multiple persons. When creating appointments in a group, these appointments automatically appear in the other group members' Looping calendar.  All group members can create and edit appointments and add notes.  

A specific colour can be assigned to each group, making it immediately clear, which appointment  belongs to which group.

Create Groups  1/4


Choose the group area in the upper panel.  Once you have created groups, this is where they will appear. 

Click on the PLUS to create a new group.

Create Groups 2/4


Give your group a name - you can change this name anytime you want.

If you wish, you can assign a specific colour to your group and upload a picture - you can change both any time you want.

When you are done  - click on CREATE.

Create Groups 3/4


Choose your invitation option. Subsequently,  you can send a group invitation link.

As soon as the invitee clicks on/activates this link, he or she is part of your group. (once he or she has installed the app and created an account).

Go back as soon as you are done!

Create Groups 4/4


Your created group now appears in the group overview.

To create more groups, click on the PLUS. 

View & Add Group Members

  • Where do I find all group members?
  • How can I add group members?

All group members can add new members to the group. Once a member has created an appointment in this group, this appointment automatically appears in the Looping calendar of all other members. All members can edit the respective appointment and add notes. When new events are created or current events are edited, all members get informed via a push-notification. 

View & Add Group Members 1/3


Choose the group area in the upper panel.

Click on the group you want to know more about.

View & Add Group Members 2/3


Click on the member symbol to access the member area. 

View & Add Group Members 3/3


You see all group members at a glance.

Click on the PLUS, if you want to add additional members.

Edit Group Settings & Leave Group

  • How can I change the group colour, the group picture and the group name?
  • How can I leave a group?

You can adjust the group settings at any time.


Edit Group Settings & Leave Group 1/2


Choose the respective group in the group area.

Edit Group Settings & Leave Group 2/2


Click on the settings symbol and choose an option.


Create Group Appointments

  • How can I create a new appointment for my group?
  • Where can I create a recurring event?
  • Where can I set when I want to receive a reminder for my appointment


Create Group Appointments 1/8


Choose the calendar in the upper panel.

Click on the PLUS to create an appointment.

Create Group Appointments 2/8


Add an appointment.

Choose the other entry options by clicking. 

Create Group Appointments 3/8


Choose a group.

Now the appointment automatically appears in the Looping calendar of all other group members. 

Create Group Appointments 4/8


Click on the start and end date and choose a day in the calendar. 

Create Group Appointments 5/8


Click on the start and end time and specify the time by using the clock.

Create Group Appointments 6/8


The appointment takes place more frequently? Then simply select the intervall . 

Create Group Appointments 7/8


Select the times for the reminder.

15 minutes are set by default.

All group members receive reminders.

Create Group Appointments 8/8


Optionally you can choose a location and add a message/note.

Once you are done - click on CREATE.

Now the appointment automatically appears in the Looping calendar of all other group members. 

Create Private Appointments

Create Private Appointments - 1/2


Choose the calendar in the upper panel.

Click on the PLUS to create an appointment.

Create Private Appointments - 2/2


Do not choose a group, if you want to create a private appointment.

When you are done just click in "create".

For sure you can see your appointments in the daily and weekly overview.

Monthly or Weekly Overview


Monthly or Weekly Overview  - 1/2


Choose the calendar in the upper panel and click on the month.

Monthly or Weekly Overview  - 2/2


Choose the weekly or monthly view. 


You can switch from one week/month to the other by swiping left or right. If you click on a specific day in the weekly/monthly overview, you will end up on this day and be able to see all appointments which are scheduled on this day.


Chat - 1/3


Choose the calendar in the upper panel and click on the month.

Click on the appointment you want to add a message/note to.

Chat - 2 /3


Click on "Message" in the appointment's upper panel.

Chat -  3/ 3


In an appointment's message area you can add or read messages/notes.

Edit Appointments

Edit Appointments - 1/3


Choose the calendar in the upper panel and click on the month.

Click on the appointment you want to edit.

Edit Appointments - 2/3


Click on the edit symbol. Now you can  edit all elements.

You can also assign the appointment to a different group or change it to a private appointment and vice versa.

Edit Appointments - 3/3


Save your changes by clicking on SAVE.

All group members will be notified of the changes.


Call up past events


Call up past events - 1/2

Call up past events - 2/2


Click on the calendar surface and select the month on top of the surface.

You can choose a week or month, in the past. To do so, wipe to the left.


If you want to look back on an appointment in the past, just click on the day, on which the appointment was scheduled


Just add the Looping widget to your homescreen, your appointments will be visible on it and you can modify them easily, without using the app.

Have your appointments at a glance.

Click on the PLUS to add a new appointment to one of your groups. 

  Just click on a date of your choice to see the details or to adapt/modify it.

Click on the widget and then let go, to start adapting it. Modify the size by stretching the widget. For this purpose just draw at the points and last but not least, click anywhere, apart from the widget, that’s it!

Import calendar

You can now import appointments from your local mobile calendar to your Looping calendar. Every time you perform an import, you are able to import up to 200 appointments within the next 12 months from your local calendar. If you have more than 200 appointments don’t worry, just run the import operation again to import any missing or new appointments, each local calendar event can only be imported once per user account.

You should be on a stable network connection as the import may take up to 10 minutes when you import a lot of appointments.

Your imported appointments can optionally be assigned to a selected group or alternatively added as private appointments. If the selected group has members, all these appointments will also appear automatically in each member’s calendar.

Reminders - appointments with reminders set at 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours and/or 1 day before, will retain these properties. Recurrence - appointments with a recurrence period of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly, will retain its recurrence series. In the future, it will be possible to import events with all reminder properties and customised recurrence series intact.

After the import you are able to update any of the imported appointments as a normal looping appointment such as adding/removing reminders or changing the recurrence. Just tap on the appointment, tap on the edit icon and then choose a reminder time or recurrence and you’re done!

Import calendar - 1/4


Open the left menu and tap ‘Import Calendar’. Select the account that you wish to import calendar appointments from.

Import calendar - 2/4


Select the calendar(s) that you wish to import appointments from

TIP: If you have organised your appointments in separate calendars (birthdays, holidays, etc) and you wish to keep this, then create separate groups representing each of these calendars before you start the import process.

Import calendar - 3/4


Select the group that you wish to import your selected calendar appointments into

If you do not select a group, the appointments will be imported to your calendar as private appointments.

If you wish to you can assign these imported appointments individually to your groups, however keep in mind that this may be very time-consuming.

Import calendar - 3/4

Anytime you add new appointments to your local mobile calendar you can perform the steps detailed above again.


Lists 1/5


Open the settings area and choose  Lists

Lists 2/5


Once you have created a task tab "Done" on the keyboard.

Lists 3/5


You can attach your lists to appointments.

If you attach an appointment to a group appointment you share the list with all group members.

The List automatically appears in the Looping app of all other group members.



One task is done? You can mark or delete it. Press the task long you want to delete. Tab on the appearing garbage can.

You`d like to rename the list or you`d like to attach another appointment? Just tab on the pencil.

To-do List 5/5


Whenever you have attached an appointment to the list, you can open the list via the appintment details.

Or you open the list mode in the settings.



Timetable 1/3


Choose the group area in the upper panel.

Click on the PLUS and activate the timetable option to create a timetable.

If you`d like to share the table with others, invite members.

Timetable 2/3


There are 2 ways to create timeslots.

You can click on the PLUS or you click directly on a time window.

Timetable 3/3


You`d like to edit timeslots?

To get to the edit mode just click on a added timeslot. 

If you`d like to change the name of the list or  if you`d like to delete it just click on the 3 dots right above.

If you`d like to see a timetable go to the groups area and choose the plan.