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Stay Organized in Everyday Life

Whether for work, leisure, or household – Create and share plans, appointments, and lists with those who matter.

Recommended by Computer Bild, ADAC Motorwelt and Zeit Online

Most recently in January 2024, Looping was recommended as a top 3 Android calendar by Computer Bild. ADAC Motorwelt 01/2024 recommends Looping as an organizational app and Zeit Online as a family calendar app for its readers.


Vodafone and MediaMarkt also recommend Looping App as a family and group calendar in their magazines.


With Looping, you keep an overview. No matter what comes.

Whether it's regular reminders for tasks, coordination in various circles of friends, shared shopping lists in the household, or recommended learning platforms for homeschooling. For parents, students, friends, and everyone who desires a clear overview. Free of charge and also available offline.



For your daily inspiration



For the Best Overview in Everyday Life



For Shared Lists and To-dos



For organized household planning

How it Works

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Organization in the Group

  • Create Groups for Every Purpose
    Study groups, families, circles of friends, ...

  • Invite Members and Share Appointments
    Only invited members can see appointments and lists.

  • Each Group Has Its Own Color
    This way, you can directly recognize in the calendar to which group each appointment belongs.

Full Overview

  • Everything Up-to-Date
    An appointment appears simultaneously in the calendars of the respective group members.

  • All Appointments at a Glance
    In your own calendar, you see all the appointments of the groups you are a member of.

Automatic Reminder

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  • Miss Nothing Anymore
    Get timely reminders for yourself and group members, from 5 minutes to 7 days before the appointment.

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Selected Lists

  • To-dos and Checklists
    Create lists and tasks to check off, so you don't forget anything and always have everything ready.

  • Share Lists, Notes, and To-dos with Groups
    You can also assign the lists to appointments or groups and share them with others.

  • Universally Applicable
    Whether as a shopping list, homework checklist, birthday wish list, or memo for creative ideas.

Additional Features in the PREMIUM Version

  • Different appointment colors

  • Your own standard groups

  • Your own default reminders

  • No advertising for a clear overview

  • Birthday & annual calendar for special events

  • PREMIUM support for questions and suggestions

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