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How can I delete imported appointments?
After a successful import, the imported events act like regular Looping events and can only be deleted individually. For a better overview, we recommend to import dates into new groups to simplify the deletion thereof.


Can I set a color for each group member?
At the moment, we distinguish dates with the help of the respective group colour. Personal appointments always appear in dark blue. The possibility to directly assign a color to individuals does not exist yet. However, you can assign certain emojis to your group members instead of assigning colors and insert them at the beginning of the appointment description.

Can I assign a certain color to a single appointment?
At the moment we distinguish the dates by the respective group colour. Personal appointments, on the other hand, always appear in dark blue. So you can create your own group with a certain color for certain appointment types (e.g. your daughter’s class at school, doctor visits, holiday planning, sports, etc.) so you have a direct overview of the appointment type. There is also the possibility to assign certain emojis to the appointments instead of assigning colours and to insert them at the beginning of the appointment description, so that you can easily identify the appointment type.


Can I add an appointment to multiple groups without duplicating it?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. You’ll have to create the appointment in both groups and it will be displayed twice in your private calendar.

How do I share appointments with other members?
To share an appointment, create a group and invite one or more members to that group. All members of the group will then have access to all appointments of this group and may easily make edits.


How can I share a list?
The lists can be created privately and linked to an appointment. If you assign the list to a group appointment, then you share the list with all group members. The list will then automatically appear for all members that are a part of the group.


What do I do if I have a new device?
Simply download Looping from your new device and log back into your account using the email address and password you’ve previously registered with. Your appointments and data will then be uploaded to the new device from our server. Please note: it is important that you do not try to register again.


How can I delete a group?
A group is deleted as soon as all members have left. If you are the last person in the group, you can leave the group and your group will be considered as deleted.


How can I add calendar weeks?
You can easily add calendar weeks to your calendar in the "Discover" section. Whether you’d like to add "School Holidays & Public Holidays, Practical Dates, or Weeks” - all you have to do is join the group and the calendar weeks will automatically be visible for you.


Devices Supported
The devices supported include smartphones with an Android or iOS operating system. Currently there is no tablet version available. Download for Android here. Download for iOS here. Once you have successfully downloaded the app, you can sign in using your Facebook account or log in with your name and email address.

On iOS devices, you can also log in with your Apple ID. To do this, you must be logged in with your Apple ID on your device and tap on “Continue with Apple” when at the login screen. Once you tap on this option, you will be provided with login information. Here you can double check that the information provided is correct. Sign in with Apple also provides the option to hide your email address, which means Looping will receive a randomly generated email address instead of your private one if you wish to choose this option. This further enhances your privacy and keeps you in control of the information that you provide.


Why do we need your email address?
We only use your email address in very rare cases to inform you about important changes to our app. If you do not want to receive emails, our emails are not displayed correctly or you have questions about Looping, you can always contact us at


Where is my data stored?
Your data will be stored in a database hosted on a server in Germany. All data exchanges between the server and mobile device are secured by HTTPS encryption and authentication based on the industry standard.


Which database is accessed for the creation of proposals in the context of scheduling?
For the creation of appointments, we use the automatic completion of appointment descriptions that are based on a specially created list of terms that we consider relevant for our target group. We only use Google Maps location suggestions to assist us for your appointment entries.


What happens to my data when my account is deleted?
As soon as we have received the cancellation of your Looping account by email, we will delete your entire account immediately. This means that your data will no longer be available in our system or on our server.


Push Notifications
To make sure that you receive all the notifications relevant to your schedule, we recommend that you activate your “push notifications” for Looping. This is done simply by accessing the settings of Looping through your general smartphone settings.


How can I add state holiday dates to my calendar?
The steps are simple: visit the "Discover" section and click on "School Holidays & Holidays" and "Holidays.” Here you can easily select your state/city and your calendar will update accordingly.


How can I create recurring appointments?
You can create a series of appointments by setting the date and time of the event to repeat ("+ further options") directly under "Date & time". Simply click on the "Repeat" button and then specify how often this event should be repeated. You can choose between "weekly", "every 2 weeks", "monthly" and "yearly". In addition, you can choose whether the event is an all-day appointment or not.


Do all appointments appear automatically in the calendar or are all members always informed?
Group members automatically see all new group appointments in their calendars and receive a notification whenever a new appointment is added or changes to existing appointments are made. If members have not installed or registered to Looping, they receive a free group invitation via WhatsApp or email - depending on the channel you choose to invite them with - including a link to the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once members have downloaded Looping, they are automatically part of the group and any event created in that group.


Can I synchronize Looping entries with my iPhone Calendar (iCal) or Google Calendar and vice versa?
If you have an Android device, you can import your appointments from your Google Calendar. The import is limited to 12 months or 200 appointments per import. This function is also available for iOS. Visit Settings and then click "Import Calendar" to sync entries.

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