Streamline your day-to-day & build lasting relationships with family, friends and partners.


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Share events with your groups.
Easily create groups, invite members & start planning your events together all in one place, so you won’t miss another important event again.


Calendar overview
Your calendar is updated in real-time as soon as you or a group member has added a new event to the group. Each group is assigned with a unique color that helps you identify to which group the event belongs to.


Never miss another important event again
Looping keeps track of all your events. All group members are notified with reminders that you can set & customise to suit all your preferences.

Find out what’s trending
Explore your favourite categories & add inspiring events to your calendar. If you’re looking to keep up with all public holidays, the Bundesliga or TV shows, then Looping’s “Discover” feature is just for you. All categories are updated weekly so you can ensure the latest & best at all times.



Stay on top of your to-do’s
Looping lets you seamlessly create lists so you can manage your groceries, shopping, beach trips & more. You can add your customised lists to events & share these with others.




Features Overview


Create groups: Easily build & customise groups that cater to your lifestyle. Whether you want to get organised with your family, partner, friends, colleagues or fitness buddies, you can now create your groups according to your preference.


Add members to your groups:
Select who you want to include into your groups. Looping makes it simple to send out invitations via WhatsApp, SMS, E-mail or other messenger apps.


Organise events: Streamline your daily, weekly & monthly activities by adding events. Keep your group members in the loop through real-time updates with all your events saved in the cloud.


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Suche nach einer solchen App. Es ist super einfach Events hinzufügen, die Events mit Gruppen zu teilen und alle Gruppenmitglieder auf dem Laufenden halten! Ich bin ein Fan der automatischen Erinnerungen…” 

Clara, 37, mother from Berlin

“Wir drei Jungs organisieren unsere Laufgruppen über Looping. Da wir meistens wechselnde Routen haben, behalten alle Dank der App den Überblick wo wir uns treffen.” 

Lars, 27, student from Hamburg

“Mein Freund und ich benutzen Looping als unseren Primärkalender. Wir organisieren alle unsere Termine durch die App! Wir können jetzt unsere wöchentlichen Terminen Termine, Einkaufslisten, und wichtigen monatlichen Treffen organisieren - dank Looping!”

Kathrin, 31, from Nürnberg


Data Privacy

Data privacy & protection is our top priority. All data is stored on a server in Germany. All communication between your smartphone and our database is encrypted to industry standards.


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