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About Us

We are Michael and Kristina. Michael, an experienced software developer who lives in the country with his family and Kristina, with experience in marketing and e-commerce, who prefers the big city with a child and two dogs. With Teamsports AI GmbH, we have founded a company that develops software solutions to make everyday life easier for athletes: team management, calendars, shopping, information.


This activity gave rise to the dream of an app that helps families lead an active lifestyle. We understand active as “inspiring”, “curious”, “creative” and also “sporty”. An app that helps families plan their everyday life efficiently so that they have more time for actual family life. An app that helps you carry out the masses of everyday tasks as easily as possible as a family. An app that inspires families to spend quality, varied time together, allowing children to explore their interests and offering something for everyone.


At the end of 2023 we had the opportunity to further develop the successful Looping family calendar. An absolute dream scenario. A wonderful app for family management with a large number of loyal and committed users, who we now want to inspire to make good use of the time they have gained with new features related to information and shopping.


Shopping plays a big role for us. As parents, we know how much time we spend every day shopping for groceries, clothes, sports equipment, pet food, medicine, school supplies, birthday gifts, costumes, children's room equipment, ... Shopping becomes a task and there is usually no time for inspiration and research. We want to change that. In the latest version of the Looping app, we offer support with research and inspiration - ideas for the snack box, gift ideas for all ages, timely reminders of holidays, plans and shopping lists for children's birthday parties or information about hobbies and leisure activities.


We are proud to be able to write another chapter with the Looping app. We work tirelessly to continually improve the Looping app and add new features to meet the needs of the Looping community.

Thank you for the trust.

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