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Using the Notepad

Scroll down on the home page: Start on the home page of the app. If necessary, scroll down to find the option "Notepad."

Create a new notepad: Tap the plus sign (+) next to the "Notepad" heading to create a new notepad.

Name the notepad: After the new window has opened, give your notepad a name. In the example, call it "Shopping List."

Add items: Add items to your notepad by tapping the plus sign (+) located at the bottom of the list. Enter each new item you want to add, e.g., "Banana," "Onions," "Milk."

Save changes: Once you have added all the desired items, tap "Save" or the checkmark icon to save your notepad.

Notepad on the home page: After saving, your new notepad will now appear on the home page of the app. You can open it at any time to check, edit, or mark items as done.

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