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The Dashboard

The Dashboard - Your New Overview!

The dashboard is your interactive home page in the Looping app. Here you see all your appointments, dates, and special events right when you open the app.

Your Day Summarized

Plan Faster

On the dashboard, you first have the option to create a new appointment or a new note. This makes it quick and easy to jot something down or enter an appointment.

Clear Overview

Additionally, you can see your upcoming appointments here. Depending on the number of your appointments, all of today's appointments or even upcoming ones are listed.

As a premium user, you will also find upcoming special events here, so you have birthdays, anniversaries, etc., timely in view.

Your new lists and those that have been shared with you also appear on the dashboard. This means you no longer have to search in individual groups or in your appointments, but have them more quickly at hand.

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