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Here you find out, how to use Looping in order to create personal appointments and organise appointments together with multiple members.


Group settings


Use Cases

Create Groups

  • Why are Looping groups so practical?

  • How can I create a group?

Looping groups allow you to organise appointments together with multiple persons. When creating appointments in a group, these appointments automatically appear in the other group members' Looping calendar.  All group members can create and edit appointments and add notes.  

A specific colour can be assigned to each group, making it immediately clear, which appointment  belongs to which group.

Create Groups  1/4

Click on 'Create Group' in the left menu bar .

Once you have created groups, this is where they will appear. 

Create Groups 2/4

Give your group a name.

If you wish, you can assign a specific colour to your group and upload a picture - you can change both any time you want.

Once you are done you can either click on the check mark or  on 'Invite group members'.

Create Groups 3/4

Choose your invitation option. Subsequently,  you can send a group invitation link.

As soon as the invitee clicks on/activates this link, he or she is part of your group. (once he or she has installed the app and created an account).

Go back as soon as you are done!

Create Groups 4/4

Your created group now appears in the group overview on the left side.

To create more groups, click on 'Add an group” in the left menu bar.

View & Add Group Members

  • Where do I find all group members?

  • How can I add group members?

All group members can add new members to the group. Once a member has created an appointment in this group, this appointment automatically appears in the Looping calendar of all other members. All members can edit the respective appointment and add notes. When new events are created or current events are edited, all members get informed via a push-notification. 

View & Add Group Members 1/2

Click on 'Groups' in the left menu bar.

Click on the group you want to know more about.

View & Add Group Members 2/2

You see all group members at a glance.

Click on 'invite other group members' , if you want to add further members to the group.

Group Settings

  1. Choose the respective group in the group area

  2. Under 'Edit group' you can change the name, the color or the group picture

  3. If you want to leave a group tap on 'Leave Group'

Create Group Appointments

  • How can I create a new appointment for my group?

  • Where can I create a recurring event?

  • Where can I set when I want to receive a reminder for my appointment

Create Group Appointments 1/4

Click on a date or the button “Add new event”

Create Group Appointments 2/4

Add an appointment.

Choose the other entry options by clicking. 

Create Group Appointments 3/4

Choose a group.

Now the appointment automatically appears in the Looping calendar of all other group members. 

Create Group Appointments 4/4

Click on the start and end date and choose a day in the calendar. 


The appointment takes place more frequently? Then simply select the intervall . 

The appointment takes place more frequently? Then simply select the intervall . 

Optionally you can choose a location and add a message/note.

Once you are done, simply click on 'Submit'.

Create Private Appointments 

Create Private Appointment - 1/2

Click on a date or the “Add an event” button

to create an appointment.

Create Private Appointment - 2/2

Do not choose a group, if you want to create a private appointment.

You can also assign the appointment to a group at a later point in time.  To do this, simply click on the appointment in your calendar, select the group and click on "Modify Event".

Edit Appointments

  1. Tap on the appointment you want to edit.

  2. Click on the edit symbol. Now you can  edit all elements. You can also assign the appointment to a different group or change it to a private appointment and vice versa.

  3. Save your changes by clicking on SAVE.

All group members will be notified of the changes.