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Create a group

Switch to the Groups Tab: Start on the home page of the app. Switch to the Groups tab by tapping on the "Groups" option at the bottom of the menu.

Create a Group: Tap the plus sign (+) in the corner of the Groups tab to create a new group.

Set Group Details: Select a picture for the group by tapping on the image icon. Choose a color for the group by selecting one of the color options.

Save the Group: Tap "Save" to create the group with the chosen details.

Invite Group Members: If you wish, you can now invite members by tapping on "Invite Group Members." Choose the method of invitation, such as "Invite via WhatsApp" or "Invite via Email." After sending the invitations, or if you do not wish to invite any members, tap "Done."

Group Displayed: You will be directed back to the Groups tab, where your newly created group will now be displayed.

Invite family members, your partner, work colleagues, university classmates, or gym buddies into your group. You can always join a group, leave a group, or edit/remove group members. With Looping, you can also create appointments within your groups and seamlessly move group appointments to other groups.

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