Master your ‘To-do’s with Lists


Step 1: Open the settings area and select “lists”

Step 2: Once you’ve created a task, tap “done.”

Step 3: You can now attach your customised list(s) to your event(s). Once attached to a group, the list automatically appears in the Looping app so all members within that group will receive immediate access to the list.

Note: Whenever you have a list linked to an event, you may access the list via event details or open the “list mode” in settings. Once you’ve completed a task, you can mark or delete it. To delete, simply press the task for a long time and tap on the trash icon that appears. If you wish to rename your list or wish to attach it to another event, simply tap the pencil icon.



For any further questions or concerns on how you can maximise your Looping experience, visit our FAQ section here.