Looping offers you a number of great and exciting features to cater to your specific needs. Here you can explore all our features to find out how Looping can assist you in organising your life.



The Looping app utilises private and public groups. The private groups are used to organise your own schedule and for private appointments with groups such as your family, friends or even your local sports club. Public groups are where things get interesting. Public groups allow to stay up-to-date with all the latest events within your interests. You’ll never miss an important event again!

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Creating private groups for your family, sports team, workgroups et cetera is a breeze. Once created, you can invite other participants. Enter an appointment in the group calendar, the dates are updated in real time and everyone has the opportunity to change them. This ensures that all group members receive the same information so everyone knows if things change. The chat functionality allows you to constantly inform the group of new and immediate changes.


Looping offers you the opportunity to join a wide range of public groups. These include your favourite TV shows, sporting teams and holidays. Once subscribed, you’ll receive the latest events by these groups. This ensures that your personal events don’t clash with your team’s next game or you miss the latest episode of your favourite show

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The calendar shows you all your appointments. Your groups are colour-coded so you can differentiate which groups are which. When a group member creates an appointment, it immediately appears in your calendar. Your calendar view allows you to see where and when all your appointments are in case your appointments clash.



Push notifications allow you to stay informed and constantly up-to-date with all of your appointments. You’ll receive a gentle reminder informing of your next appointment. We remind you so no-one else has to!



Lists allows you to create to-do lists or item lists for you to check off so you don’t forget to bring beer to the party or bread home for dinner. Never forget what you need again!



Our latest feature is "Discover". Here all the public groups are available and you can search through our categories to find what interests you. We have a wide variety of groups available such as Christmas markets, sports clubs, holidays and TV shows. Dive in and discover!