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Supported Devices

Smartphones running on the Android or iOS operating system. At the moment, no tablet version is available.


For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=familynet.de.src&hl=de

For iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/familynet-dein-familienkalender/id1003205988?mt=8

+ Registration

After having successfully downloaded the app, you can either register via your Facebook or by entering your name and email address.

Why do we need your email address?

We only use your email address in very rare cases to inform you about important changes to our app. If you do not want to receive emails, our emails are not displayed correctly or you have questions about Looping, you can always contact us at support@go-looping.com.

Where is my data stored?

Your data will be stored in a database on a server in Germany. All data exchanges between server and mobile device is secured by HTTPS encryption and authentication to industry standard.

What database is accessed to generate suggestions in the course of the appointment creation process?

When creating appointments we offer you the auto-completion based on a list compiled by ourselves with terms we consider relevant for our target group. Exclusively when entering your location in the scope of the appointment creation, we apply suggestions from Google Maps.

What happens to my data when my account is deleted?

As soon as we receive the cancellation of your looping account by email, we will delete your entire account immediately. This means that none of your data will be available - neither in our system nor on our server. You will no longer receive any push notifications, emails or other information from us.

+ Appointment Creation and Display


To make sure that you receive all appointment-relevant notifications, we highly recommend that you activate your push notifications for Looping. This is done simply by accessing Looping via your general smartphone settings.

How can I add national holidays to my calendar?

You go to "Discover" and there you click on "Holidays" and "Public Holidays" afterwards. Now you can easily select your state and city. After your selection the public holidays will appear in your calendar.

How can I create serial appointments?

You can create serial appointments by setting "Date & Time" of the event to repeat the appointment ("+ Options"). You can do this easily by clicking on the button "Repeat" and then specifying how often this event should be repeated. You can choose between "weekly", "every 2 weeks", "monthly" and "yearly". In addition, you can set whether it is an all-day appointment or not.

Do all the appointments that I create appear automatically in the other members’ calendar or are all members always notified?

Group members automatically see all new group appointments in their calendars and receive a notification for each new appointment or for changes to existing appointments. If members haven't installed Looping or registered, they'll receive a free group invitation via WhatsApp or email - depending on which channel you choose - and a link to the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once members have downloaded Looping, they are automatically part of the group and of any event created in that group.

Can I synchronise my entries in Looping with my iPhone (iCal) or Google Calendar and vice versa?

If you have an Android device, you can import your appointments from your Google Calender, for example. However, the import is limited to 12 months or 200 appointments per import.

This Feature is also available for iOS. Go to settings and choose "Import Calendar".

Must each group member register individually or is there such a thing as a group registration?

We do not offer direct group registration. The easiest way to create a group is to first click on "Groups" and then on the "+" sign in the lower right corner. Now all you have to do is enter a group name that you like. Once you have created the group, you can add all the members you want in the group. This can be done via WhatsApp or email. The members will then receive an invitation to join your group along with a link. With a click on the link, they are part of the group. If members have not yet installed Looping, they can do so using the link and they will automatically be part of the group after installation. This means that they can see and edit all appointments within the group and create new appointments.

How can I see who belongs to a group?

To see who is part of a group, click on the particular group icon in the groups overview, click on "Details" in the upper right corner and tap "Members of the Group". All members of the group will be listed here.

Can I see past events?

If you want to look at past events you can do this via the weekly and monthly view (Android) or daily, weekly and monthly view (iOS).

Although I have already created a number of events, “No Events Scheduled. Tap to create” is displayed on my entire calendar overview. Why?

“No Events Scheduled. Tap to Create” should serve solely as an orientation to give you an exact overview of which days are appointment free. If you want to add an appointment to a day without appointments, you can simply click on “No Events Scheduled. Tap to Create” or tap on the “+” in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If this full overview disturbs you, you can also click on the current month in the upper left corner to get to the monthly overview. If you swipe to the left (iOS), the following months will be displayed. If you then click on a certain date in the overview, you will see all dates from that day on in the lower part of the screen.

Can I use Looping while being offline?

If you are not connected, you can display your appointments. However, this only works, if your app was open while you were connected to the internet.

Important: The appointments displayed are in the state they were the last time Looping was connected to the internet. If another member creates or edits an event, this will not be displayed while you are offline.

+ Account Cancellation

How can I delete my account?

If you want to delete your account, you can simply send us a message at the following email address, in which you tell us that we should delete your account: support@go-looping.com. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as your account has been deleted.

+ Questions and Suggestions

If your question has not been asked here or has not been answered sufficiently, you can send us a message right here or send us an email to support@go-looping.com. Hints from our users help us to improve our app and to develop a well-rounded product.

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