New Partnership with Eventim

All your favourite events now in your Looping calendar…

In your Looping calendar, you can currently find all your private & public events, as well as the events of those who matter most to you. But did you know that you now have access to all your favourite artists as well? We are excited to announce that Looping has partnered up with Eventim - Europe’s leading ticket seller - to provide you with an unforgettable experience via the app. Discover how you can make the most of this opportunity & what's coming up…

Eventim meets Looping: It‘s Showtime!

To access the feature, you’ll need to download/update the newest version of Looping. If you haven‘t downloaded the update already, just visit the App Store or Play Store to install it. Within the app, go to “Groups” >> “Discover” >> “Categories” >> “Entertainment” >> Eventim group(s) that suits your taste. :)

What you‘ll find in the group

Eventim is Europe‘s largest online ticket seller of public events. It showcases events for all, ranging from the Lion King Musical performances to concerts of Lauryn Hill and David Guetta, to WWE championships. In the group you‘ll find suggestions for all of these and many more on a regular basis. Therefore, you‘ll never miss out on any cool event nearby, or you get to know some artists you didn‘t even know you loved. 

Additionally, you can always use the group for inspiration on gifts to get your parents, partner or friends for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or family get-togethers. Perhaps your parents always wanted to listen to a classical concert? Or your best friend, who‘s really into basketball, finally gets the chance to see his idols in action? After all, the best gifts are experiences, and having a smooth way to find something fitting through a pool of relevant suggestions might be exactly what you‘re looking for. 

And how do I get the tickets?

The process is simple: Each suggestion within your calendar provides a short description and a link at the bottom. Simply click on that link to Eventim, select your date, purchase with your preferred payment method and that‘s it! 
And the best part? We only present events that aren‘t sold out already, so you can always get your tickets quickly. With so many exciting events coming up, which one will you be attending with your loved ones?

Father's Day

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Father’s Day was built on the foundation of honouring fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence fathers have on society at large. Although the special occasion is celebrated all around the world, Father’s Day remains rooted in traditions that vary from country to country.

In Germany, Father’s Day coincides with a public holiday known as “Christi Himmelfart” or Ascension Day. In the Middle Ages, Father’s Day was introduced as a holy event that commemorated God, the Heavenly Father. Around 1700, the holiday turned into the original Father’s Day as we know it, where each father of a family was celebrated. In fact, the father of a family with the most children would be looked up upon and honoured, and ultimately be gifted with a large ham.

During the 19th century, Father’s Day furthermore evolved and became “Männertag,” which was linked to a ‘Boys Day Out.’ In Germany, where this is widely celebrated, Father’s Day refers to friends getting together and consuming a considerable amount of alcohol together. Some of the popular festive activities include pub tours, visiting numerous Biergartens, drinking and singing in the beer halls. Wherever you may be, let us remember to always honour our fathers and celebrate the influence they’ve not only had on us, but on our communities.

Want to be kept in the loop with important holiday events like Father’s Day? Join Aktionstage now.

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Karneval der Kulturen

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The annual Karneval der Kulturen is a street festival, which celebrates multiculturalism with tasty food and enlightening shows. It takes places in Kreuzberg– one of the most vibrant and exciting areas in West-Berlin.

Did you know that Karneval der Kulturen began as a political statement against xenophobic riots?

Today, the festival honours cosmopolitanism and culture at its finest. The special event hosts more than 4000 actors from various countries who organise and attend a fantastic street parade. In addition, a community of DJs, solo artists, and musical groups from all over the world gather together. Finally, be charmed by the countless number of food trucks containing an extensive variety of foods. With countless offering for families and friends, Karneval der Kulturen is definitely worth checking out!

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FIFA Women's World Cup 2019


Did you know that the first women’s football event was held in 1991 - 61 years after the first ever men’s football event?

It’s football season, and this time the women are in the spotlight as FIFA bridges the gap between female empowerment, cameraderie, and sports with the 2019 Women’s World Cup. This year, 24 teams will compete for the world title across nine cities in France.

Did you know that the first women’s football event was held in 1991 - 61 years after the first ever men’s football event? Each year the sports spectacle grows in popularity together with the number of participating countries. Germany, in particular, has had a victorious run winning two gold medals in 2003 and 2007. This year promises excitement with USA expected to win the event and France battling it for the runner-up award, according to CBS Sport.

Do you think that Germany will score big and reclaim victory yet again? With a solid line-up and some of your favourite players on board, the 8th edition of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final is an event you won’t want to miss.

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