JUNE 2019

Ad-Free is finally here!

Dear Looping users,

Recently we started displaying ads in our app. This was a decision that we made after much consideration. Our focus is still to enhance meaningful connections between your family, partner, and friends by providing you with relevant features, ease-of-use and faster performance to help you meet all of your needs. We want to ensure that our ads remain non-intrusive to your interactions within Looping, therefore we have introduced a brand new feature: “Ad-Free.”

With “Ad-Free” you can now easily enjoy Looping at its best, completely carefree without advertising interruptions. For only 0.99 cents per month, you can now avoid ads displaying within your app - anytime, anywhere. Our team is constantly striving to further improve Looping so you can maximise your experiences within the app and build meaningful connections with those that matter most.


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Esther from Looping

Newsletter: Summertime Dreamin'

Our favourite season is finally here! Get your bags packed for the sun, sand & sea await! We've compiled an exclusive "Summer Guide" with the hottest discoveries to keep you, your family, partner, and friends in the loop! Discover what’s trending this month:

Father's Day (Worldwide)
Last month was all about celebrating the dad's out there. How did you celebrate your father on this special day? With so many important calendar dates each year to keep track of including World Children's Day and Mother's Day, never miss another family moment or important date again. Join the  Awareness Day group now!

FIFA Women's World Cup '19 (France)
Football season is here! Mark your calendars as 24 nations come together & #DareToShine for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. Never miss a single game from June 7th-July 7th LIVE from France as Looping gives you the complete overview of all matches. Discover the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 now!

Carnival of Cultures (Berlin, Germany) 
This summer, celebrate peace, tolerance, and multi-culturalism from June 7th-10th as Carnival of Cultures takes place in Berlin. Create an event with Looping, invite your friends and family, and make it a festive weekend! Click here to keep up with all cultural events in Berlin!


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Esther von Looping