July 2019 Exclusive: Ad-Free, Books & Music


Summer is the perfect time to travel to Germany or explore European grounds. During this period, most love to rejoice in the glorious weather, dance the summer days away at music festivals, and explore the endless possibilities in the arts & culture. We’ve put together an exclusive report on what’s trending at Looping to ensure that you can make the most of your summer with your loved ones! #HaveALoopingSummer

Trending This Month

Experience Looping Ad-Free

Say goodbye to any distractions with Ad-Free: For only 0.99 cents/month you can now streamline your day-to-day calendar, without interruptions. Same old calendar solution - new look & feel. Read more about Ad-Free!

New! Introducing: Books of the Week

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Looping recommends weekly books that you can enjoy with your family, your partner or friends. Join the Books of the Week group to discover adventure, romance, and action-packed reads that will surely keep you entertained this summer. Here’s our latest Looping read recommendation!

Music Month: Tomorrowland, Melt! & Helene Beach Festival


With summer in full swing, there is no better thing to do than explore the festive music scene happening across Germany & Europe! Whether your taste in music lies in dance, house, techno or hip hop, we’ve narrowed down our top 3 music festivals that will promise you & your loved ones an unforgettable weekend! Make your festival pick, get your dancing shoes on and start planning your adventure with Looping! Read more


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Ad-Free is finally here!

Dear Looping users,

Recently we started displaying ads in our app. This was a decision that we made after much consideration. Our focus is still to enhance meaningful connections between your family, partner, and friends by providing you with relevant features, ease-of-use and faster performance to help you meet all of your needs. We want to ensure that our ads remain non-intrusive to your interactions within Looping, therefore we have introduced a brand new feature: “Ad-Free.”

With “Ad-Free” you can now easily enjoy Looping at its best, completely carefree without advertising interruptions. For only 0.99 cents per month, you can now avoid ads displaying within your app - anytime, anywhere. Our team is constantly striving to further improve Looping so you can maximise your experiences within the app and build meaningful connections with those that matter most.


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