Ad-Free is finally here!

Dear Looping users,

Recently we started displaying ads in our app. This was a decision that we made after much consideration. Our focus is still to enhance meaningful connections between your family, partner, and friends by providing you with relevant features, ease-of-use and faster performance to help you meet all of your needs. We want to ensure that our ads remain non-intrusive to your interactions within Looping, therefore we have introduced a brand new feature: “Ad-Free.”

With “Ad-Free” you can now easily enjoy Looping at its best, completely carefree without advertising interruptions. For only 0.99 cents per month, you can now avoid ads displaying within your app - anytime, anywhere. Our team is constantly striving to further improve Looping so you can maximise your experiences within the app and build meaningful connections with those that matter most.


Made with ❤ 
Esther from Looping