5 Essential Items For The Beach This Summer!

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As a summer lover, there is nothing I would rather do than to organise a trip to the beach together with my family or friends. To unwind is by far my favourite activity during the hot summer days. Imagine soaking up the sun with the wind in your hair, the salty water, a complete relaxed state of mind.

For me planning a day out frequently entails some stressful organisational preparation. I used to be quite forgetful and would miss out on key essential items due to my hectic schedule. When I discovered that Looping provides a List feature to stay on top of things, I never lost sight of anything important again! With this feature, organising a trip has never been so easy!

The List function gives you the ability to create a list for a specific event. The steps are simple:

1. Create an event
2. Creating a list, then refer back to that specific event.
3. Once completed, your customised list will appear as part of your event.

Remember, your lists don’t necessarily need to be linked back to a certain event.

I’ve put together a helpful post focused on “5 Essential Items” to take with you to the beach this summer!


#1 Essential: It’s important to always keep your skin protected. I recommend applying sunscreen every other hour, especially since your child or children may be sensitive to the sun rays!


#2 Essential: After taking a nice dip into the water, you have the option to air-dry or perhaps would prefer to grab a beach towel to dry off. This is the perfect solution, especially if you and your family or friends would like to lay down comfortably in the sand.


#3 Essential: A provision of delicious snacks is a must-have for a day trip. Often children tend to get exhausted after actively participating in beach activities in or off the water, but a delicious snack may do the trick to keep their spirits high and energised!


#4 Essential: During the heated summers, it is crucial to drink lots of water! This will help you and your family or friends to stay hydrated at all times. I can highly recommend drinking water over drinks by the kiosk that may contain too much sugar.


#5 Essential: Last but not the least, a beach bag is a big-must to keep all your essentials in one place. I would suggest brining a bag that would also protect your belongings well from the water and sand.

I hope you found this blogpost helpful. As summer is finally here, savour the moments with your loved ones on the beach and simplify your family life with Looping today!


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