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All your favourite events now in your Looping calendar…

In your Looping calendar, you can currently find all your private & public events, as well as the events of those who matter most to you. But did you know that you now have access to all your favourite artists as well? We are excited to announce that Looping has partnered up with Eventim - Europe’s leading ticket seller - to provide you with an unforgettable experience via the app. Discover how you can make the most of this opportunity & what's coming up…

Eventim meets Looping: It‘s Showtime!

To access the feature, you’ll need to download/update the newest version of Looping. If you haven‘t downloaded the update already, just visit the App Store or Play Store to install it. Within the app, go to “Groups” >> “Discover” >> “Categories” >> “Entertainment” >> Eventim group(s) that suits your taste. :)

What you‘ll find in the group

Eventim is Europe‘s largest online ticket seller of public events. It showcases events for all, ranging from the Lion King Musical performances to concerts of Lauryn Hill and David Guetta, to WWE championships. In the group you‘ll find suggestions for all of these and many more on a regular basis. Therefore, you‘ll never miss out on any cool event nearby, or you get to know some artists you didn‘t even know you loved. 

Additionally, you can always use the group for inspiration on gifts to get your parents, partner or friends for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or family get-togethers. Perhaps your parents always wanted to listen to a classical concert? Or your best friend, who‘s really into basketball, finally gets the chance to see his idols in action? After all, the best gifts are experiences, and having a smooth way to find something fitting through a pool of relevant suggestions might be exactly what you‘re looking for. 

And how do I get the tickets?

The process is simple: Each suggestion within your calendar provides a short description and a link at the bottom. Simply click on that link to Eventim, select your date, purchase with your preferred payment method and that‘s it! 
And the best part? We only present events that aren‘t sold out already, so you can always get your tickets quickly. With so many exciting events coming up, which one will you be attending with your loved ones?

July 2019 Exclusive: Ad-Free, Books & Music


Summer is the perfect time to travel to Germany or explore European grounds. During this period, most love to rejoice in the glorious weather, dance the summer days away at music festivals, and explore the endless possibilities in the arts & culture. We’ve put together an exclusive report on what’s trending at Looping to ensure that you can make the most of your summer with your loved ones! #HaveALoopingSummer

Trending This Month

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Say goodbye to any distractions with Ad-Free: For only 0.99 cents/month you can now streamline your day-to-day calendar, without interruptions. Same old calendar solution - new look & feel. Read more about Ad-Free!

New! Introducing: Books of the Week

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 17.24.26.png

Looping recommends weekly books that you can enjoy with your family, your partner or friends. Join the Books of the Week group to discover adventure, romance, and action-packed reads that will surely keep you entertained this summer. Here’s our latest Looping read recommendation!

Music Month: Tomorrowland, Melt! & Helene Beach Festival


With summer in full swing, there is no better thing to do than explore the festive music scene happening across Germany & Europe! Whether your taste in music lies in dance, house, techno or hip hop, we’ve narrowed down our top 3 music festivals that will promise you & your loved ones an unforgettable weekend! Make your festival pick, get your dancing shoes on and start planning your adventure with Looping! Read more


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Music Month: Tomorrowland, Melt! & Helene Beach Festival

With summer in full swing, there is no better thing to do than explore the festive music scene happening across Germany & Europe! Whether your taste in music lies in dance, house, techno or hip hop, we’ve narrowed down our top 3 music festivals that will promise you & your loved ones an unforgettable weekend! Make your festival pick, get your dancing shoes on and start planning your adventure with Looping!


“Interesting fact: Tomorrowland usually sells out in minutes!” 

Tomorrowland is one of the world’s most anticipated annual electronic dance music festivals that takes place over 2 weekends. The EDM event was launched in 2005 and takes place in Belgium. Some of this years’ acts include Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, Tiësto, The Chainsmokers, Benny Benassi, Bebe Rexha and Martin Garrix. If EDM is your sound of music, Looping recommends Tomorrowland! More about Tomorrowland. TOMORROWLAND: 19 July 2019 - 21 July 2019 & 26 July 2019 - 28 July 2019


Melt! Festival is a definite top choice for those looking to enjoy the summer with their loved ones in Germany. Just a short drive outside out of Berlin and the perfect weekend getaway, this festival provides an outstanding artist line-up consisting of acts like Bon Iver, Skepta, Jorja Smith, Bonobo & many more. In the last 20 years, Melt Festival has fronted world-renowned acts from Björk & Florence + The Machine, to The XX & Lana Del Rey! Tickets are selling out fast, so make sure to get your hands on a pair! More about Melt! Festival. MELT! FESTIVAL: 19 July 2019 - 21 July 2019


If you’re still undecided where to go this summer, Helene Beach Festival may be for you! A short rain ride away from Berlin to Frankfurt, expect an adventure filled with live DJ’s, swimwear, and drinks. With Kontra K, Alan Walker, Alle Farben and Sven Väth expected to perform, Helene Beach Festival is the perfect summer escape in Germany! More about Helene Beach Festival. HELENE BEACH FESTIVAL: 25 July 2019 - 28 July 2019

“With so many exciting music festivals happening this month, make sure to make Looping a part of your adventure! Create your music festival group, schedule the event, and keep your loved ones in the loop with real-time updates via our chat feature!”


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New! Introducing: Book of the Week

The New! Looping group can be anything: exciting, romantic, chaotic or just educational. It's the brand New! "Books of the Week" group. Every week we introduce a new book and you get new ideas. Whether to give away or read yourself, for the children or just for the holidays! There will certainly be a book for you, so join the group and let yourself be inspired by a wide selection of books!


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The Secret to Keeping Up With Sport

Summer has finally arrived! More and more people are getting ready to showcase their physical progress over the last months and show off their summer bodies - myself included. With so many working towards looking their best during everyone’s favourite season, many start a new sport or intensify their workout routines. In fact, I’ve tried this several times myself, but found it quite challenging to keep up.

“This time around though,  I was determined to challenge myself to make the most of this summer… and I found a way to do it.”

I was recently introduced to CrossFit through a few friends. The gym offers daily classes at different times, providing flexibility for anyone with a busy schedule. I remember when I first started going to the sessions, it was difficult for me to select the most suitable classes offered at the best times. In addition to that, I would have to check in with my girlfriends to make sure everyone was up for the class and available. This became one of the biggest problems for everyone: streamlining our availability so we would never forget or miss a class again, or cancel workouts last minute. I noticed that organisational problems have become the norm today, and how important communication is to lead an optimal life, problem-free.

Thankfully, Looping came into the picture! The all-in-one calendar solution allowed me to create a sports group with my girlfriends and manage my personal events that I could easily share, providing seamless access and overview of our weekly work-out schedule. The best part? The app enables a chat function that is available for each event. This feature allowed us to communicate with one another in real-time! This summer, say goodbye to forgetful towel moments and last minute changes to meeting points, and say hello to a new and improved you!


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It’s a Date: See you At Wimbledon!

Wimbledon is one of the most sought after tennis tournaments that takes place annually in England. Running between July 1st and July 14th, 2019, the Wimbledon championships are the third glam slam of the year in a four-tournament series. What makes the Wimbledon extra special this year, is the fact that for the first time Wimbledon will feature a tie-break at 12-all in the final set to eliminate the marathon matches that have affected the player performance and scheduling in previous years. Furthermore, a highly-anticipated £70 million retractable roof will be placed on Court One for the first time after three years have been spent on this project.

Did you know that Wimbledon requires its players to wear white clothes?

Coined as one of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, the matches are played on grass - in contrast to the Grandslavian tournaments where players compete on a different field. In addition, Wimbledon is the tournament that rewards winners with the highest prize money. In 2014, a record amount of £25M was paid out.

Like every year, the Wimbledon tournament is played during the first two weeks of July, they last exactly 14 days. The tournament is organised for both men and women at the same time and three types of games are played: singles (7 rounds), doubles (6 rounds) and mixed doubles (6 rounds). Roger Federer (Switzerland) and Martina Navrátilová (Czech Republic America) are the most successful players of the Wimbledon tournament, winning eight times the tournament and nine times the ladies’ singles respectively.

The Wimbledon 2019: Men’s list of players includes favourites Novak Djokovic (SRB), Roger Federer (SUI) and Rafael Nadal (ESP), while the women’s list of players includes: Ashleigh Barty (AUS), Naomi Osaka (JPN), and Karolina Plisova (CZE) who is a heavy favourite to win. The question remains: Can defending champions Novak Djokovic and Angelique Kerber defend their titles?

If you’ve never seen this prestigious tournament before, we recommend you check it out this summer and find out which tennis players you’re a fan of! Looping ensures that you don’t miss a single match! All Wimbledon matches are listed in the group “Grand Slam Turniere.”


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Looping Recommendation: Summer Escape at Berchtesgaden National Park

Are you looking to get away from the hustle & bustle of life? Are you in search of an oasis of peace & relaxation? If this is on your summer checklist, your luck has arrived. This summer, we invite you to take a trip into nature as we unveil some of the most undiscovered hot spots. Germans are considered to be quite keen on traveling to foreign lands, but more often than not an unforgettable experience with nature awaits right outside our footsteps. In fact, Germany offers a broad spectrum of breathtaking sights to see encompassing the coast and the Alps.

Did you know that Germany has 16 national parks? Each of these offer a unique opportunity to breathe in fresh air and ultimately recharge. Whether you’re looking to escape by train or car, with family, friends or a loved one - a long weekend is all you need to jumpstart your summer adventure. What are you waiting for? You can now start planning your summer escape into Germany and discover the beauty that comes with the country with Looping! Follow these steps and you’re all set:

1. Create a private “travel group” 2. Invite your loved ones to join the group 3. Use the “chat” function to easily update all group members in real-time

Looping “summer escape” recommendation? Exploring the Alps at Berchtesgarden National Park - a perfect destination for those who enjoy the view from above. Located in the south of Bavaria, the jewel of the Alps offers not only mountains for young and old but also one of the cleanest lakes in Germany.

The Königsee provides a great postcard view and excellent refreshment possibilities on hot summer days. From Schönau am Königsee, ships depart regularly from the St. Barholomä Peninsula and offer a rewarding destination for daytime excursions. We are certain that you will fall in love with this magical place and never want to leave!

No matter where you decide to go this summer, one thing remains certain: the picturesque mountain panorama of the Berchtesgaden National Park is guaranteed to be an unforgettable moment you can share with those that matter most to you.



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Ad-Free is finally here!

Dear Looping users,

Recently we started displaying ads in our app. This was a decision that we made after much consideration. Our focus is still to enhance meaningful connections between your family, partner, and friends by providing you with relevant features, ease-of-use and faster performance to help you meet all of your needs. We want to ensure that our ads remain non-intrusive to your interactions within Looping, therefore we have introduced a brand new feature: “Ad-Free.”

With “Ad-Free” you can now easily enjoy Looping at its best, completely carefree without advertising interruptions. For only 0.99 cents per month, you can now avoid ads displaying within your app - anytime, anywhere. Our team is constantly striving to further improve Looping so you can maximise your experiences within the app and build meaningful connections with those that matter most.


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