Use Cases

We have enthusiastically asked Looping users and members of our team how they use Looping to organise their private appointments and appointments with other people.

Looping is perfect as



Examples for Groups

Families, birthdays, doctor's appointments, ToDos, sport clubs, clubs, hobbies, jogging and fitness groups, flat-sharing community, students, carpools, office and project groups, shift schedules, kindergarten, school, private lessons,  music lessons, ... .

Looping as a family calendar

Mother of 2 children: We have replaced our family wall calendar in the kitchen with the Looping App. We now have all our important appointments everywhere with us and always available if we need to check or change something. When compared to our family wall calendar the reminder function is an additional asset for Looping.

What I especially like is that the coordination process between my husband and I have been made much more easier. Whether he is in the office or away he can be included in the organisation of our family life. Every time an appointment changes or the kindergarten or school team announce a new appointment he can see it immediately and is always up-to-date.

Our small family is using Looping in this way:


Family Member Groups - When we used the family wall calendar every family member (including our cat) had its own column - in the Looping App every family member has its own Group (collection of appointments).

  • For each family member I have created one Group - Mom, Dad, Leni, Paul & Kitty

  • For each Group I have chosen a separate colour, this way every family member has its own colour and we can immediately see to whom the appointment belongs to.

  • In addition, I have created a Group for appointments which are interesting for all of us - We 5.

  • I have invited my husband to all of these Groups, so we can both see all the appointments in every group.

Since our children are still too young to have their own smartphone my husband and I both organize all our family appointments. A friend of mine had told me that her older children are using the app to add their own appointments. The whole family is organising its family life with Looping.

Adding Appointments

When we add appointments, we choose the relevant Group corresponding to the family member to which the appointment belongs to. The appointments appear in the corresponding colour in our Looping calendars.

Groups for Kindergarten and School classes

In addition, I have created one Kindergarten Group (for our daughter) and one School Class Group (for our son) and I have also invited the parents of the other children to these Groups. Many of the parents have already joined and the feedback has been very positive. It has been a lot of fun organising all our appointments together and we also save a lot of time.

Examples of the appointments we organise include - field trips, parent-teacher conferences, information events, closing times, parties etc.

As soon as an appointment is announced one of the parents create the appointment in the App and all other parents are immediately informed and have the appointment automatically added to their Looping calendar, so we don`t have to individually add and update it.

Via the chat function we are able to share information about our appointments. For example, when you have to bring something special to the appointment we can note this down in the chat, and any participant in the appointment are able to read this. We have also organised a carpool via the chat.

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Looping as a calendar for couples

Kathrin from the Looping Team: My boyfriend and I use Looping as our primary calendar.

We organise our common appointments via the App (dates, weekly grocery shopping, technician appointments, ...) and also share any appointments which are relevant to our partner. 

Additionally, we remind each other on any ToDos which are coming up and we do not want to forget.

We do it this way:

Groups for our, his & mine appointments

  • I have created 3 Groups : - We ❤ - Kathrins appointments - Mirkos appointments -

  • I have chosen for each Group a separate colour, so both of us can see at a glance if it is a common appointment, or his or mine.

  • I have invited Mirko to all 3 Groups via WhatsApp. Since we are both members of these 3 Groups all appointments from these 3 Groups appear automatically in our Looping calendars.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-16 um 18.11.04.png

Common  appointments we add to the Group - We ❤  - : for example the birthday of grandmother Regina or the weekly grocery. 

His and my appointments

  • For example, when I have a date and come home later I add this appointment to the Group - Kathrin's appointments. Since we are both members of this Group the appointment would appear automatically in Mirko's Looping calendar as well, so he is always up-to-date and vice versa.



We also use Looping to remind each other about ToDos.

We use the list-function to share information about To-dos for example, as a grocery list.

During the course of the week we would add the things that we need, and in the supermarket we would already have the grocery list handy in the pocket.

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Looping for sport teams

A young soccer team has told us how they use the Looping App to organise their appointments.

The sport team is doing it in this way: 

Group creation & adding members

  • The coach creates a Group which includes the parents and the children who have a smartphone. The members are invited either via WhatsApp or E-Mail. Any new player(s) and their parent(s) can be added very easily at anytime.

Add appointments

  • The coach or parents can add training appointments, holiday camps, matches, and also team field trips and parties. In addition to the appointment data, any group member can add or edit the recurrence period, reminders, location, notes, and can talk via the chat.

All important information is shared automatically with the whole team keeping them informed and in the loop.


Practical Time Arrangements

Coach: "I find it very practical that I can inform all players and parents very quickly via the App in case of appointment changes.

In case the training has changed time or location, I can inform all parents and children by updating the start time or the location of the appointment in the app.

I don`t have to write any E-Mails and reduces the amount of calls I have to make"

Separate Calendar

Mother of the goalkeeper: "I like that I have all appointments at a glance. In the past, I often had to look through my printed notes.

Additionally, it`s cool that you can have a separate look for the sport appointments compared with other appointments in the calendar."

Share Reminders

A Note from Looping "We are working hard on adding the ability to send images and appointments via the chat. So you can share videos and pictures "

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