To-Do List

To-Do List - 1 /4


Open the settings area and choose  To-do List.

To-Do List - 1 /4


Once you have created a task tab "Done" on the keyboard.

To-Do List - 1 /4


You can attach your lists to appointments.

If you attach an appointment to a group appointment you share the list with all group members.

The To-do List automatically appears in the Looping app of all other group members.

To-Do List - 1 /4


One task is done? You can mark or delete it. Press the task long you want to delete. Tab on the appearing garbage can.

You`d like to rename the list or you`d like to attach another appointment? Just tab on the pencil.

Whenever you have attached an appointment to the list, you can open the list via the appintment details. Or you open the To-do list mode in the settings.


Timetable  1/3


Choose the group area in the upper panel.

Click on the PLUS and activate the timetable option to create a timetable.

If you`d like to share the table with others, invite members.


Timetable  2/3


There are 2 ways to create timeslots.

You can click on the PLUS or you click directly on a time window.

Timetable  3/3


You`d like to edit timeslots?

To get to the edit mode just click on a added timeslot. 

If you`d like to change the name of the list or  if you`d like to delete it just click on the 3 dots right above.

If you`d like to see a timetable go to the groups area and choose the plan.